Thursday, December 03, 2015

Update to Abraham's Free Record

Abraham's mother appears in the Order Book announcing him as a "Free Man of Colour"

 I was doing some DNA triangulation and I was trying to look at papers I collected on my most recent trip to Virginia. One of the pieces of information I posted is an Order Book with number 842 in the record of my 4th great grandfather Abraham Thornton. He swore in 14 March, 1833 that he was indeed a "free man of colour." I thought I had read the whole record. Again I was shuffling some papers and I focused on a page that has the first part of great grandfather Abraham's sworn statement on the condition of his life in Loudoun County, Virginia. On that first page, I discovered that his mother is mentioned in the record. I missed that the first time.
The first page of the Order is below. I posted the second page on 4 November, 2015 below the first part of the Order directly below for Abraham Thornton in this particular record.
No, 842 Abraham Thornton

Virginia Loudoun County Sct. 14 March 1833

I Charles Binn County Clerk of Loudoun County Court do hereby Certify that Abraham Thornton is the son of Cecilia a free woman of Colour who is registered in Loudoun Office No. 497--said Abraham is a light Copper Colour with a Scar on the last joint of the middle finger of the left hand, a Scar on the inside of the right wrist a Slight Scar on the forehead, about five feet Eight & and half Inches high as appears by the oath of Thomas L. Humphrey made in Open Court and was this day registered in my Office according to the Law
Copy Teste C. Binns Clk. (cont.)

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