Friday, June 09, 2017

Loudoun County Tax Records

Using the vast network of genealogy, I was able to find the household of Samuel Carter.

5th great grandfather Samuel Carter and his family in the household:
Loudoun Minute Book 3, page 26, 10 Aug 1819:
Skinner, Harriot (d/o Nelly Carter)

0371, Skinner, Ann (d/o Nelly Carter)

0372, Carter, Elias (s/o Nelly Carter)

0373, Carter, Wm. (s/o Nelly Carter)

0374, Carter, Jno. (s/o Nelly Carter)

0375, Carter, Samuel (s/o Nelly Carter)

0376, Carter, Eleanor (d/o Nelly Carter)

0377, Carter, Jos. (s/o Nelly Carter)

0378, Skinner, Jacob (s/o Harriot Skinner)

0396, Carter, Elizabeth (d/o Nelly Carter)

Loudoun Minute Book 1833-1834, page 29
0084, Thornton, Abraham

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cousin Julian Valentine

Urbana Daily
July 31, 1923
Julian Valentine, colored, residing on South Kenton Street was arrested by Chief Powers and Officer Bus Hill Sunday night at the home charged with possessing some "white mule" in a jug which was brought to the station as evidence. Valentine was found guilty before Mayor Henderson and fined the minimun $100 and costs, part of which he paid and arranged to pay the rest in a short time.

Urbana Daily
June 12, 1936
Julian Valentine, Hill Street, was arrested yesterday afternoon at South Locust and Water Street by Officer Howard Helfrich on a charge of intoxication.
He was sprawled across the sidewalk making it necessary for a passerby to step over him, the police said today. Valentine was being held in the city jail today pening his arraignment before Mayor Dallas McCrery.

Urbana Daily
October 5, 1936
Four local persons are being held in City Jail on charges of drunken and disorderly conduct following their arrest Saturday night by Patrolman Helfrich and Scott.
Julian Valentine, Walter Jones, and Kathryn Valentine all arrested at 8:15 on South Kenton Street, will have hearings before Mayor Dallas McCrery at 7:30 tonight.
Gilbert Howe, East Water Street, was arrested on East Market Street at 11:20pm Saturday and will also have his hearing tonight.

Urbana Daily
September 7, 1937
Three minor motor accidents marred the weekend holiday in Urbana and Champaign county and all occurred on Saturday night.
Julian Valentine, colored, of South Walnut Street, was injured when run down in front on South Ward School on South Main Street by an automobile driven by a man giving the name of OE Lutz of Springfield. The fire departmen ambulance removed Valentine to his home where his condition was said to be not serious. Firemen and Mr Lutz said that Valentine was walking in the middle of the street and that the driver of the car did everything possible to keep from hurting him.

Urbana Daily
November 24, 1937
Julian Valentine, colored, of Hill Street, was in an unconscious condition today at the Champaign County Hospital suffering from injuries received at 5:50am when struck by an automobile in front of the C&LE Depot on South Main Street.

from the Urban Daily in Springfield, Ohio

One Hundred and Eighty-one years!

Happy 181st Anniversary to Michael and Verlinda Payne Goins married on the 20th of May, 1835 in Belmont County, Ohio

Cousin Levi Valentine

From the Champaign County Library

Tuesday, November 24, 1959 in The Springfield (O) Daily News

Levi Valentine, 72 of New Carlisle, Route 3 died 6 a.m. Tuesday in City Hospital where he was admitted November 12.

A native of Licking County, he was born April 2, 1877. He was the son of Murray L. and Mary [Goins] Valentine. Mr. Valentine resided in Springfield from 1913 until May of this year.

His sole survivor is a daughter is Mrs. Mary Kernley of Los Angeles.
The body was taken John W. Patterson funeral home.

Levi's mother Mary is Riley's daughter. Riley is of one the first generation of Goins' born in Ohio when his parents migrated from Virginia circa 1835. Records on Ancestry lead me to his obituary.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Abraham's Civil War Pension

I lost it. I received it in 2015. I took it with me to the Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank and I lost the CD/DVD that has his Civil War pension on it. I lost my 4th great grandfather's Civil War pension. I looked everywhere for that CD/DVD. Resigned, I sat down and filled out another 85D form and emailed it to the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington and waited patiently for the second copy to come. It came at the end of 2015. I put the CD/DVD into my computer and the records would not open up. I took it to another computer and the record would not open up. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to order another copy just to have the CD/DVD not open up. I contacted the NARA by phone and asked if I could return the 2nd CD/DVD for a new one. They told me where to send it. They received it and then told me that they could access the record. I sighed. They said they would send another CD/DVD. I received it today. It worked! I now have my 4th great grandfather's Civil War pension. He fought in Brownsville, Texas and Petersburg, Virginia. The only way I think they could have covered such a great distance is the train. It says he was born in Loudoun County, Virginia just like records I found in October of 2015 said. He was married there as well. The family moved to Ohio. My 3rd great grandmother Margaret stayed in Ohio and married W.M Balar and they moved to Knox County. Ohio. The rest of the family moved to Wisconsin and some to Minnesota and then on Washington. Abraham's son-in-law, William Stewart, a Civil War Veteran himself, vouched for Abraham's service, according to Abraham's pension. He was in Company F, the 29th Regiment of the United States Colored Troops. He gave testimony about the death of his first wife, his children and his ailments.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

In Search of Sam Carter

Ol' Sam Carter was on my mind as dosed off to sleep. I was thinking he lived through some incredible times. He was born before the American Revolution, lived through it and got a front row seat to the run up to the Civl War. I went looking for him again after discovering him about six months ago. I found him in the 1860 Loudoun County, Virginia census at the respectable age of 101. They had records for him and the family at the Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg, Virginia. He would have been 81 in the 1840 Virginia Census. They didn't keep specific ages in the census schedules until the 1850 Census; so the 81 years is an educated guess because, well 1860 he was 101 minus 20 is 81. I went back to that 1840 census to find Sam's name again. Right below Sam is a man named Joseph Carter. I am willing to bet that Sam and Joseph are brothers. They are both enumerated as "Free Persons of Color" and genealogist say when they are that close with the same surname they are probably related. I wish I knew Sam and Joe's parents names. Someone sent me minutes from a Quaker Meeting in Maryland. That's where the 1860 Loudoun County, Virginia Census says Sam was born. I hope this is the Sam which for I am looking.
courtesy Year 1840; Census Place: Jonah Hood, Loudoun, Virginia: Roll 564; Page 171; Image 402: Family History Library 0029688

Publisher Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004. - United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Sixth Census of the United States, 1840. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1840. M704, 580 rolls.: United States of America

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Update to Abraham's Free Record

Abraham's mother appears in the Order Book announcing him as a "Free Man of Colour"

 I was doing some DNA triangulation and I was trying to look at papers I collected on my most recent trip to Virginia. One of the pieces of information I posted is an Order Book with number 842 in the record of my 4th great grandfather Abraham Thornton. He swore in 14 March, 1833 that he was indeed a "free man of colour." I thought I had read the whole record. Again I was shuffling some papers and I focused on a page that has the first part of great grandfather Abraham's sworn statement on the condition of his life in Loudoun County, Virginia. On that first page, I discovered that his mother is mentioned in the record. I missed that the first time.
The first page of the Order is below. I posted the second page on 4 November, 2015 below the first part of the Order directly below for Abraham Thornton in this particular record.
No, 842 Abraham Thornton

Virginia Loudoun County Sct. 14 March 1833

I Charles Binn County Clerk of Loudoun County Court do hereby Certify that Abraham Thornton is the son of Cecilia a free woman of Colour who is registered in Loudoun Office No. 497--said Abraham is a light Copper Colour with a Scar on the last joint of the middle finger of the left hand, a Scar on the inside of the right wrist a Slight Scar on the forehead, about five feet Eight & and half Inches high as appears by the oath of Thomas L. Humphrey made in Open Court and was this day registered in my Office according to the Law
Copy Teste C. Binns Clk. (cont.)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Request for Free Papers

Samuel Carter (the younger) request Free Papers

Order Book Lucas V.REF 301.451 LUC page 73, 5 Dec'r 1832, held at the Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg, Virginia.

"Charles Binns Esq. Clerk & c. Leesburg -- By S. Carter

Dear Sir

This will be handed to you by Samuel Carter, a free man of Colour, son of Sam 'L Carter who lives in this neighborhood also free man of Colour. The young one who wishes to go out of the State is desirous of getting his free papers & has requested me to write to you to that effect as he is a stranger to you -- You will find him & his father both recorded I presume.

Very Respectfully, Jas. Mc IIhany"

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Marriage Bond for James and Rebecca (Becky) Ailstock Going

2 Dec, 1799

This is the marriage bond of James Going and Rebecca (Becky) Ailstock which took place in Albemarle County. Michael Ailstock put up one hundred and fifty dollars for the marriage bond. The question remains if this is Michael Ailstock, Becky's grandfather or father?

"Know all men by events shall we James Going and Michael Ailstock are held and firmly bound unto the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and to his Successors in Office in the just and full sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to which payment well and truly to be made to the said James Wood and his Successors in  office we bind ourselves and joint and several heirs executed and administered firmly by the presents seal with our seal and dated this day, 2 December 1799.

The Condition of the above Obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage suddenly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound, James Going and Becky Ailstock ----no if there shall be no lawful cause impediments  to Obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force and value..

 James Going (seal) and mark

Michael Ailstock (seal) and mark

Teste Alex Garret,