Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Restoration of Albemarle County Marriage Records

Albemarle County restores marriage records back to 1780

Some days I don't think I have the patience and some days I believe, one day it will happen.

Our Goins line seems to be inter-married with the Ailstock family of Louisa County. I am investigating the marriage of Jessie Going and Rebecca Ailstock and James Going and Jenny Ailstock. According to Paul Heinegg's work, "Jenny born say 1780, married Jessie Going, 2 December, 1799, Ablemarle County Bound" and "Rebecca, born say 1782,, A "Labourer & Spinster" in 1802. Perhaps Becky Ailstock who James Going was supposed to marry by 2 December 1799 Albemarle County bond is my 3rd great grandfather Michael Goins' mother? Michael Ailstock is the bondsman." It is believed the Michael Ailstock named as the bondsman is Jenny and Becky's grandfather while their father is Absalom Ailstock. What makes this a compelling piece of information is that we have DNA matches with descendants of Michael and Absalom Ailstock. We have never met the Ailstocks but I have had limited contact with a couple members of the Ailstocks family via Ancestry.

via The Daily Progress of Charlottesville 

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