Friday, September 04, 2015

DNA confirms they are sisters

For Eliza and Margaret; the Thornton sisters

Straight Outta 23&Me

She did it! She confirmed that Eliza Thornton-Stewart and Margaret Thornton-Balar are sisters. Margaret is my 3rd grandmother. She was in the household of my 2nd great grandparent Robert H. and Mary Adaline Balar Goins. Eliza married William Stewart and they moved to the State of Washington after William served in the Civil War. It is thought that she might be buried in the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery in Washington. Eliza and Margaret's nephew was Earl. He lived with his Uncle Joseph and Aunt Amanda in Minneapolis before relocating to Great Falls, Montana.I just discovered Earl in the city directories over at Ancestry. He was piano player. Eliza and Margaret's father Abraham Thornton was in the newspaper agitating against Slavery and for women's right to vote circa 1855 in Belmont County, Ohio. Eliza and Margaret's brother Abraham was a Civil War soldier who mustered in in Illinois and I have his pension file. I met Amanda, Joseph's wife's family via Ancestry.

The family moved from Virginia, to Ohio (for one census), to Wisconsin and Minnesota. Remnants of the family moved to California and Washington where I am still trying to recover obituaries.

The DNA match, I believe, lives in the State of Washington.

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