Friday, February 13, 2015

Cousin Mary

Dear Cousin Mary

I had been looking for cousin Mary T. Smith b. 1858 in Belmont County, Ohio for several years now. I lost track of her parents Wesley and Frances Goins-Smith after the 1860 Belmont County census. I found Mary in the 1870 Jefferson County, Ohio census with her Uncle Michael and Aunt Angeline Henderson-Goins. I believe Mary's father Wesley died because Frances married Granville Lynn, a gentleman of Belmont County, Ohio and they moved to Michigan and had several children. 

Still I had to find what had happen to cousin Mary. I posted the little bit of information I had about her to a genealogy forum and someone spotted her in the 1880 Belmont County, Ohio census which is next door to Jefferson County where she went to live with her aunt and uncle. In the 1880 census, Mary was married to Wm. B. Wyatt and she had to small children Jno. and Sarah Wyatt. I could not find them in 1900 census so I skimmed the Belmont County Probate records and found out that Wm. B. Wyatt died of consumption 16 February, 1881. Now,  I must find out what happened to Mary and her two young children. 

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