Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10 years re-visited

"Free Blacks and Mulattoes"

There was a period of time when I was doing research that it seemed like I sucked up records like a vacuum cleaner. I have records that are 10 years old. Sometimes, I have to revisit those records to re-discover what I have in my possession. I was looking for my 3rd great grandmother's certified death certificate. I found it and it was certified in the Probate Court by Judge J. Mark Constine of said court in St. Clairsville, Ohio, 14 July, 2005. I was looking for my 3rd great grandparent's marriage. I found that as well. I wanted to scan them and add them to my tree. Then I came across a record that I must have--at the time--thought was important. I think the Barnesville, Ohio library sent me a copy of "Black and Mulatoe Records --Belmont Co.--continued--page 31...". On this page I found 

105 -Prince William County--Mary Payne, a full mulatto woman was this day registered in the office according to the "Law", said Mary Payne is about 26 years old, five feet tall, born free in Prince Wm. Co. (dated) 3 April 1821--Dawe, CC

"No. 104. Prince William County- This is to certify that Jesse Payne, a free dark mulatto man this day registered in this office according to the Law he is about 29 years of age, 5,9-- was born free in Prince Wm. Co. (dated) 3 April 1821--Dawe, CC
Jesse and Mary Payne showed up and swore that they were who they said they were before an official of the county. This record reminds what a Virginia genealogist told me. When people show up together, they are some how related. Jesse and Mary were related through marriage in Prince William County, Virginia. I believe they are the parents of Verlinda Payne who married Michael Goins 17 May, 1835 in Belmont County, Ohio.

I do believe Jesse and Mary are my 4th great grandparents

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