Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I also I think I finally found Michael Goins in Jefferson County who is the son of Michael and Verlinda Payne Goins who migrated from Virginia. Michael Goins the son has been missing for quite sometime. I have been studying Family Labs records and I found "Stewart GONES" among the birth/death, marriage and census records and then I see a Mickle Goines, Mikel Goines (and a couple of more different spellings of Michael) married to Angeline Henderson. I had a feeling that this was Michael Goins who I have been looking for since I found him and his siblings, Riley, Walker, Emily, Edward, John and Robert along with their parents in the 1850 Muskingum Census for Ohio.
I looked at the 1880 Jefferson County, Ohio schedule and I see that someone read the document translated or mistranslated the surname from Goins to Gains. Just for good measure, the translation was much worse in the 1870 Jefferson County, Ohio Census. The family was enumerated as Jones instead of Goins.

Included in this 1880 Jefferson County, Ohio census are Michael and Angeline's children Jennie (b.1864), James E. (b.1866), John H (b.1868), William A (b. 1870), Henry H. (b.1872), George M. (b. 1873), Eva L. ( b. 1874), Lydia V. (b.1876), Elwood (b. 1878) and finally Alexander who was 4 months. In the 1870 Jefferson County, Ohio census there is a Mary T. Smith age twelve who I believe is the niece of Michael. Michael's sister Frances married Wesley Smith in Belmont County, Ohio 28 July, 1859.

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