Monday, May 24, 2010

"He was born in Steubenville" didn't sound right when I read it. Now that I have a little time to look and listen closely, I am certain the Stewart and Hattie lived in Steubenville, Ohio at least during the 1880 Jefferson County census as there was a Steward and Hattie GONES listed in that schedule. "Steward's" profession is a barber in Steubenville and Kalamazoo and the ages between 1870, 1880 and 1899 (the Michigan State Census) line up perfectly. Just like his brother Rosswell, Stewart was listed in the 1870 Kalamazoo Census with their parents and in-laws but left before the 1880 Michigan Census. Roswell was listed in the 1880 Beaver County, Pennsylvania Census and Stewart in the Jefferson County, Ohio Census. Stewart returned to Michigan sometime before 1899 because he is listed in the Michigan State Census for that year.

I think I have an over-developed a case or sense of myopia when it comes to the mobility of ancestors; for example, since I found most of the Goins' in Barnesville, Zanesville, Canton and Kalamazoo, Michigan, I have limited myself to researching those places when in fact they moved to several places in and among Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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