Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Brick Wall. Everyone who spends time gathering records about his or her family hits the brick wall. My brick wall is connecting my great great great grandfather Michael with the GOINS/GOING family which is prolific in Virginia-by the way spelling doesn't count in most records. I believe I found one record of him in Albemarle County, Virginia circa 1828. It says he is 23 years old when he swore he was Michael Goins. This age corresponds with later censuses, the year, 1805, of his birth and his obituary. The Order Books gives a description of each man with whom Micheal shares the GOINS/GOING surname. After writing to individuals in Virginia whom have knowledge and access to this and other records and consulting Paul Heinegg's "Free African Americans in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware, which is an incredible reference of at least two volumes of black and free people of color family histories , I believe my great great great grandfather is "Michael" found in the 1828 Order Book. This individual says that when these kind of "censuses" are taken and people with the same surname are on the same or next page it usually indicates some sort of kinship.

Michael's name is among the names of Henderson, John, Thomas and Fountain GOINS/GOING. Michael was there on the day that these "free men of color" were "counted". Perhaps he was just there? Perhaps one or all of them is his brother, cousin or uncle? The person in Virginia with who I corresponded suggested that Agnes of Louisa County, Virginia is Michael's grandmother. If Agnes of Louisa County--Louisa and Albemarle Counites sit next to each other-- is his grandmother which of her children are Michael's parents? I guess I have to work with these assumptions until I put my hands on more evidence. This is my brick wall.

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