Friday, June 09, 2017

Loudoun County Tax Records

Using the vast network of genealogy, I was able to find the household of Samuel Carter.

5th great grandfather Samuel Carter and his family in the household:
Loudoun Minute Book 3, page 26, 10 Aug 1819:
Skinner, Harriot (d/o Nelly Carter)

0371, Skinner, Ann (d/o Nelly Carter)

0372, Carter, Elias (s/o Nelly Carter)

0373, Carter, Wm. (s/o Nelly Carter)

0374, Carter, Jno. (s/o Nelly Carter)

0375, Carter, Samuel (s/o Nelly Carter)

0376, Carter, Eleanor (d/o Nelly Carter)

0377, Carter, Jos. (s/o Nelly Carter)

0378, Skinner, Jacob (s/o Harriot Skinner)

0396, Carter, Elizabeth (d/o Nelly Carter)

Loudoun Minute Book 1833-1834, page 29
0084, Thornton, Abraham

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