Sunday, June 14, 2015

Where the paper trail and DNA cross

A week ago or so I sent my family a missive about a person who had ancestors in their tree with whom I believe we share relatedness. Prior to seeing the tree, I had studied this family through Paul Heinegg's incomparable work of "Free African Americans in Virginia...etc. Using DNA, it appears that our trees do in fact match and Mr. Heinegg's work confirms the overlap in both trees. I studied Paul Heinegg's work carefully to see if I could identify the parents of James and Jesse Going who appears to have married Rebecca and Jenny Ailstock. Mr. Heinegg's work says that Absalom Ailstock is the father of Jenny and Rebecca. It also says Absalom's father Michael Ailstock b. circa 1725 put up a bond for both of his granddaughters Jenny and Rebecca; both in Albemarle County, Virginia circa 1799.

So who are the parents of the Going cousins? I studied Mr. Heinegg's work and it appears that Benjamin (34) is James' father. Benjamin, according the work was born say 1753. I believe he was born in Fredericksville Parish in Albemarle County. I also believe that Joshua born say 1755 Going is the younger brother of Benjamin. He is also the father of Jessie who married Rebecca. The place Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle County mentioned is important. First, part of Louisa County was sliced off to create Albemarle County in 1744. So some of the records of the Ailstock and Going families appear in Louisa and some appear in Albemarle. I found a 8 January, 1828 Order Book record for Michael Going in Albemarle County. There is another intriguing part of the is story. 

For the longest time I thought Michael Going was the son of Sherrod Going ( who happens to be the brother of Benjamin and Joshua) because I found Sherrod's son Henderson in the same 8 January, 1828 Order Book with our Michael Going. I had to prove or disprove my theory and I found a record which told me the truth. I went to Charlottesville and recovered Sherrod's will and I ordered his Revolutionary War pension. Michael Going was not mentioned in the will with all of Sherrod's children including Henderson. I was thinking he wasn't mentioned because he left Virginia for Ohio. That wasn't it. It is because MIchael is more likely the nephew of Sherrod Going. There were several Goings who went to the county commissioner's office on 8 January, 1828 to swear on that day that they were indeed "Free men of Color." I think the other Goings are either brothers or cousins. Again I believe Michael A. Goins is Sherrod's nephew and therefore Henderson's cousin. A Virginia genealogist told me that when men with the same surname showed up together to swear to their state of "Freeness" that usually meant they were related.  

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