Saturday, April 25, 2015

Following my 4th great grandparents to Wisconsin

Sometimes lessons are difficult to learn. One lesson I can't seem to hold on tight to is that ancestors don't stay in one location to suit my research mood or needs. Case and point. I just found my/our 4th great grandfather Abraham Thornton. He is the father of my 3rd great grandmother Margaret Thornton who married my 3rd great grandfather Marabel (M.W.) Balar. M.W. and Margaret are the parents of Mary Adaline Balar who married Robert H. Goins. I believe  M.W. Balar and Margaret  got married in Ohio sometime around 1850 because that is first Ohio census Abraham and his family are listed in Ohio and his youngest daughter Eliza (Margaret's sister) was born circa 1848 in Flushing Township in Belmont County, Ohio. I could not find them in the next ,1860 Ohio census. I looked all night and was disappointed because all I could find was Abraham Thornton in Wisconsin in 1860. Wait for it, it is the same Abraham that was in the 1850 Ohio census. Eliza the youngest daughter was 2 in 1850. In the 1860 Wisconsin census she is naturally 12. I didn't recognize the younger children of Abraham in the 1860 Wisconsin census. Those children are John, Joseph and Lacurgus Thornton. I really have to get in my mind that just because it was the 1800s people still moved around. I think the Civil War was a great motivation to move away from potential harm. I still have to find out about them in Virginia. Someone sent me link about a Noah Thornton, who fought in the Civil War and who might be Abraham's brother. Whew!

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