Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Good Rev. Goins

My first cousin three times removed, Reverend Ellwood Radcliffe, Nellie C. and their sons Isadore, Delmont, Alden and Aylestock (I believe his name is Paul) Goins were found in the 1920 Lisle, Broome County, New York census almost two years ago. Some how their surname was translated into "Givens" in the indices but I looked closely at the census sheet and it says Goins. I could not find them after I made sure it was indeed the Goins family who descended from Michael and Angeline Henderson Goins. Ellwood Radcliffe was two years old when I first saw him along with his mother Angeline and his father Michael in Jefferson County, Ohio. He was the ninth child of eleven living children at the time of the 1880 census.

A U.S. Directory has him living in Wheeling, West Virginia by 1898. He is in the 1900 Madison, Ohio County, West Virginia census but he returns to Ohio in 1910 as he is enumerated in the small hamlet of Wells in Jefferson County. I found his World War I draft card when he was living in Niagara, New York. He says he is a Minister of the Gospel at the A.M.E Church under Bishop Tyree. He states that his wife is Nellie Cleveland Goins. I collected a few other records like those of his sons as soldiers in World War II and they are in a couple census schedules in New York and or Pennsylvania.

Prior to finding Ellwood and Nellie in 1920 Lisle, Broome County, New York Census, I had their marriage record from Champaign Couny, Ohio which happened on 16 September 1910. They married after Ellwood is enumerated at the age of 32 in the 1910 Wells, Jefferson County, Ohio census as single man.

Although I was unable to find him in the 1930 New York Census (until today 7 March, 2012) , I located his son Isadore, age 24 in the Elmira (Horseheads) New York directory a day or so ago; this was my clue to keep looking in this area. I also recently found information in the Cleveland Gazette which says that when he was living in West Virginia, he was going to visit his sisters Eva Ford and Lydia Carter in Smithfield and or Steubenville along with his brother Alexander [Loyal] Goins who lived in West Virginia as well.


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