Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From NewspaperArchive.com and Daily Advocate Friday 4 December, 1885

The following marriage licenses have been issued by the Probate Court since our last issue:

Jonas A. Costley and Laura Goings


Cyndie said...

At the Melungeon Heritage Association Gathering in Harrogate, TN last weekend, Dr. Jill Rowe gave an excellent presentation on the founders of Rumley, Ohio, author of Early Mixed-Race Settlers in Northwestern Ohio. She is descended from the founders of Rumley Village - Joel and Wesley Goins from 1830's. This village prospered until in 1865 a Broadside warning was given by the white community that they must move or be prepared to meet an 'unhealthy' situation. Her father D.C. Goins was born in 1839 in Ohio. He married Elizabeth Fox. D.C. Goins was considered a local shaman. Dr. Jill Rowe is also the author of Mixing it Up, an article which appears in the Journal of Black Studies. I wonder if there is a connection between your Goins family and hers. It is a beautiful and rich heritage. From there I wonder what connection my Goinses will someday have with the Ohio Goins families. If we go back in history, I believe we will find that connection.

r.henry goins said...

I know that line of Goins'. I correspond with the the descendants . We are trying to find that connection. Perhaps we will when we cross the history and state live of Virginia.

Cyndie said...

I believe Virginia will hold the answer to my family line also. We will all keep looking.