Monday, October 20, 2008

About two years ago I found an abstract of the death of H. Costly in the Washington Post. I really didn't know how to retrieve the death certificate in order to get an approximate date of the obituary. It was so complicated because Washington is the national city and I didn't know how it dealt with death records since it is a federal city.

Through sheer determination I secured the death record and wrote the Washington to request the obituary. After receiving the obituary I used the Internet to try to locate any remaining living relatives. I found one. She lived in Washington. I sent a letter explaining what I was doing and ask if she had any information. I didn't hear from her so I decided to call.

Someone, perhaps a care-giver, answered the phone and said she would give her the message. I didn't hear from her. I wondered if I had crossed some sort line? I was hoping that she could help me fill in some of the questions I have about that part of the family which moved from Ohio to Maryland.

That was about two years ago. Today, 19 October, 2008, I received a call from one of the relatives of the woman I wanted to speak with in Washington. I was so excited and learned that two years of patience paid off. They say they have information they want to share and I am so excited.

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