Thursday, May 31, 2007

Every once in a while a few pieces of (the puzzle) mail arrive in the post which add to the voluminous records I have on and about my family's history. On 18th May, 2007, I received a note and copy of a 1901 article from a librarian in Ohio who found a performace that included my great great Uncle Augustus. This is the first time in this forum that I have decided to mention my great great Uncle Augustus. I find it particularly entertaining that he was a stage actor and no one in my family knew about him. When I began this genealogical adventure, finding out about his participation in the world of entertainment was a shock. That is an understatement! I think I laughed and slapped my knee a couple times just because it was difficult to fathom. Nevertheless it was true as the old city directories listed great great Uncle Augustus (Gus) as a showman. I still really didn't believe he preformed on stage until I received photographs from a professor at Kenyon College in Ohio.

from the Daily Banner 29 July, 1901:

"The organ club of Wayman chapel, will give an entertainment in Kirk hall Tuesday night at which the following program will be rendered:

Gus Ralls and his famous one man band assisted by Fred White, Gus Goins , and George Jackson.

Vocal solo, Church of Millionaires--Miss Gertrude Frye.

Quartette, At the Front--Misses Ethel Bray, Grace Rouse, Messrs Henry Gore, Gus Ralls.

Vocal Solo--It Might Have Been--Miss Viola Symons.

Vocal Solo--Under the Deep Blue Sea--Mr. Henry Gore.

Vocal Solo--Believe--Mrs. Ben McGee.

Drill-Mr. Leon Hammond--drill master.

Awarding prizes.
Program begins 8:15.

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